Fork of QMK repo from GitHub. Customized for my own boards
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Quantum Mechanical Keyboard Firmware

This is a fork of the official GitHub Repo of QMK. This repo only contains userspace for my layouts and the layouts themselves.


The repo only contains keymaps for my own boards. The keymaps can be changed to other layouts as well.




All the boards should be available on


All my keymaps are based on the userspace from Drashna. This is probably the most advanced userspace I've seen and I have heavily borrowed from it (read: copy/paste).

The main idea is to have a wrapper where let's say QWERTY is stored. This wrapper can be used for both UT47.2 and Kyria because they both have the same 3x10 keys for alphas. The mods are different, but that does not matter.

A QWERTY wrapper can look like:

#define _________________QWERTY_L1_________________        KC_Q,    KC_W,    KC_E,    KC_R,    KC_T
#define _________________QWERTY_L2_________________        KC_A,    KC_S,    KC_D,    KC_F,    KC_G
#define _________________QWERTY_L3_________________        KC_Z,    KC_X,    KC_C,    KC_V,    KC_B

#define _________________QWERTY_R1_________________        KC_Y,    KC_U,    KC_I,    KC_O,    KC_P
#define _________________QWERTY_R2_________________        KC_H,    KC_J,    KC_K,    KC_L,    KC_SCLN
#define _________________QWERTY_R3_________________        KC_N,    KC_M,    KC_COMM, KC_DOT,  KC_SLASH

When added to Kyria it will look like:

And on UT47.2:

Both has the same QWERTY layout and we can add mods around it. This isn't super useful for just alphas, but adding symbols and other layers it suddenly becomes much easier to add new keyboards.